It is the policy of OmegaFlex, Inc. to design, fabricate, market and distribute products with consistently high quality that will reliably perform their intended function, resulting in the company’s recognition as a quality leader in the industry.

OmegaFlex, Inc., to be recognized as a world class manufacturer will:

Provide our customers quality products through teamwork and continuous improvements
Strive for zero defects in our products
Create an environment that allows OmegaFlex, Inc. continuous and prosperous growth
Provide a positive working environment with progressive training
Stress quality awareness and its benefits to our customers and employees
Empower our employees to perform to the best of their abilities.

Technical Advantage

OmegaFlex emphasis on engineering and quality has resulted in the largest expansion of our quality and engineering departments in company history. OmegaFlex, as a result of the refinement and discipline of our quality program, has been awarded registration as an ISO9001 manufacturer.

Our engineering department has established procedures for the complete qualification of products manufactured by OmegaFlex. As a result of our registration to ISO9001, all new products are subject to complete design review, validation and verification prior to product release. In compliance with our quality program, design and testing documentation is maintained on all existing and new products manufactured by OmegaFlex.

Material Test Reports, supplied to OmegaFlex by our vendors, provides complete raw material traceability and verification throughout our manufacturing process and shipping to our customers.

OmegaFlex laboratory personnel and the equipment in our in-house metallurgical lab has also expanded to include sectioning, mounting, polishing, etching and metallograph equipment for failure and grain size analysis. Instron tensile testing, hardness testing and alloy identification equipment round out one of the most complete in-house laboratories in the industry.


OmegaFlex is committed to serving our customers with the largest selection of sizes and materials in the corrugated metal hose industry. Whether we are designing specialty hose assemblies for OEM applications or supporting our large network of fabricating distributors, OmegaFlex has the dedication and resources to meet the needs of today’s industrial requirements. Ultimate customer service, quality engineered products and on-time shipments are our goal.

Metal hose products manufactured by OmegaFlex are used extensively in factories such as steel mills, chemical and petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, power plants, water and wastewater facilities. They are also used for cryogenic applications and cargo/chlorine transfer lines. Engineering and maintenance departments specify OmegaFlex because of our ability to solve “problem” applications.

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