The products illustrated reflect the design characteristics at time of printing. Please contact the factory for certified prints with exact dimensions when required.

This catalog is provided to assist the user in selection and application of OmegaFlex flexible metal hose and braid. The technical data contained herein is a guide to the user of OmegaFlex products. The data contained herein is based upon tests and information believed to be reliable, but users should not rely upon it absolutely for specific applications. It is given and accepted at user’s risk and confirmation of its validity and suitability in particular cases should be obtained independently.

OmegaFlex makes no guarantee of results and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with this data. This publication is not to be taken as a license to operate under or recommendation to infringe any patents.

OmegaFlex policy is one of continuous improvement and development. OmegaFlex reserves the right to change specifications and introduce improved designs without notice.

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