Specification Chart Headings

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Hose Nominal Size

The nominal inside diameter of the hose.

Number of Braid Layers

Indicated the number of braid layers required to achieve the pressure ratings listed.

Nominal Outside Diameter

Nominal outside diameter of the hose or the hose and indicated number of braid layers. This column is usually used to determine the proper braid sleeve/ferrule or the cover dimensions.

Minimum Centerline Bend Radius

The hose may be bent to a radius not less than the indicated amount without permanent deformation. The type of flexing can be static or dynamic. Hose in a static bend is in a non-moving application. The dynamic application allows for random or intermittent flexing.

Pressure Ratings

Pressure ratings are shown in three categories:

  • Maximum Rated Working pressure is the maximum pressure the hose should be subjected to on a continuous basis.
  • Maximum Rated Test pressure is the maximum amount of pressure the hose can be subjected to during testing without possible deformation of the hose corrugations.
  • Nominal Rated Burst pressure is the pressure at which the hose assembly can be expected to fail.

Safety Factor of 4:1 is maintained by OmegaFlex on all published pressures.

Published pressures are shown in psig at 70°F. Reduction of pressure ratings should be used by the proper application of temperature correction factors. See Temperature Correction Factors for more information.