The OmegaFlex® Chlorine Hose Assembly consists of corrugated Monel 400 alloy tubing with Monel 400 one or two layers of braid. End fittings are either schedule 80 Monel NPT or Type A carbon steel Lap Joint flanges with
Monel stub ends. 304 stainless steel casing covers the outside of the assembly.

The hose assemblies are manufactured in accordance with the Chlorine Institute pamphlet 6 current addition.

Chlorine Hose Assembly Materials

TUBING MATERIAL: Corrugated Monel 400 tubing conforms to ASTM B‐127, Monel alloy UNS No. N04400.
BRAID MATERIAL: Monel 400 wire conforms to QQ‐N‐281 Rev D. Monel alloy UNS No. N04400.
FITTING MATERIAL: Monel 400 schedule 80 pipe conforms to ASTM B‐165, Monel alloy UNS No. N04400 or
ASTM A‐105, ANSI B16.5 Class 300 Carbon Steel Lap Joint Flanges with Monel 400 stub ends conforming to ASTM B‐366
CASING MATERIAL: 304L Stainless steel conforms to ASTM A‐240, 304L alloy UNS No. S30403
RESOURCES: The Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6 – Piping for Dry Chlorine
ISO 10380:2012 Pipework – Corrugated Metal Hoses and Hose Assemblies
NAHAD 400:2005 – Corrugated Metal Hose Assembly Specification Guidelines

Operational Temperatures

‐40°F to 122°F

Chlorine Hose Assembly With Schedule 80 Npt End Fittings

1.Schedule 80
Pipe NPT
Monel 400
2.Wrench NutCarbon Steel
3.CollarsMonel 400
304L Stainless
5.1 or 2 Braid
Monel 400
6.Corrugated TubeMonel 400


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