OmegaFlex® Flexible Metal Piping

The OmegaFlex Experience

Since 1975, OmegaFlex® has been supplying quality-engineered flexible metal piping products that meet highly-engineered industrial, residential, and commercial applications. Our diverse products include flexible metal piping, braid, braided-hose-on-reels, CounterStrike®, DoubleTrac®, DEF-TRAC® and now AutoSnaps®.

Our reputation in the marketplace was built through outstanding engineering support and product design, excellent customer service, fully-stocked inventory, and on-time delivery. OmegaFlex’s® experienced Customer Service Department, working in conjunction with the Field Sales Support Group and Engineering Staff, will assist in meeting your specific application and delivery requirements. Utilizing innovative manufacturing technologies, OmegaFlex® produces the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to the industry.

  • Our staff of experienced engineers and technicians design and build state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, design and test new products, and perform in-depth product analysis.
  • Our design engineering staff makes use of all available design technologies, including Finite Element Analysis and computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • Our engineering departments have established procedures for the complete qualification of products manufactured by OmegaFlex®.

As a result of our registration to ISO9001, all new products are subject to complete design review, validation and verification prior to product release. In compliance with our quality program, design and testing, documentation is maintained on all existing and new products manufactured by OmegaFlex®. This dedication to safety and value insures that you receive only the finest and most economical products in the market.

We offer a diverse array of products

OmegaFlex® is committed to serving our customers with the largest selection of sizes and materials in the corrugated metal flexible piping industry. Whether we are designing highly engineered specialty hose assemblies for OEM applications, gas piping for new home construction, supporting our large network of fabricating distributors, or designing our new DoubleTrac® underground fuel piping, OmegaFlex® has the dedication and the resource to meet the needs of today’s demanding requirements. Listed below are some of our product offerings:

Industrial Metal Hose – Highly engineered assemblies for numerous applications, such as steel mill Oxygen lance hoses, as well as applications in petro-chemical, sanitary, and cryogenic installations.